Secure your web site with log in authentication from CF Security Framework   

Don't Risk Sensitive Data - Secure your web site in under 5 minutes for only $29.95!

Protect your web site from unauthorized visitors, employees and hackers.

No Programming Experience Required!

CF Security Framework for ColdFusion sites offers these great features and more.......

  • Unlimited Security levels and Unlimited Users
    • Control who can visit each page
    • Control what page content users are allowed to view based on their security level
  • Encrypted Passwords
  • Automatic 20 Minute Lock and Unlock
    • Users locked out for 20 minutes after 4 failed login attempts (deters unauthorized users)
    • System unlocks automatically after 20 minutes without administrator intervention
  • Entire Site Error Catcher
    • Stops hackers from getting extra information to hack CFSecurity or hack your Website
  • Open Source Code
    • Tailor the design layout to match your web site
    • Reuse the system on multiple sites on the same server
  • Very Easy To Use
    • CFSecurity is so easy you can secure your entire website in minutes
  • Two Database Versions
    • CFSecurity comes with your choice of MS Access or MySQL Version
CFSecurity Framework 1.4

CFSecurity Framework 1.4 for MySQL

$29.95 USD


$29.95 USD

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Want to offer your customers the option of changing their own password?

Our Customer Password Changer add-on for CFSecurity Framework installs in minutes.

CFSecurity Framework 1.4
Customer Password Changer (add-on)

$9.99 USD
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