Deliver your digital goods automatically
Automate your payment processing and product delivery

Process PayPal payments and subscription purchases automatically then let CFPurchasePickup immediately deliver your ebooks, software, mp3's, fonts, calling cards and other digital goods totally unattended.

CFPurchase Pickup is an automatic product delivery system designed to deliver your e-products immediately after purchase. CFPP also provides a pickup depot for your products.

Do you sell e-books on EBay? If So, Read This!
CFPP can handle all your deliveries for you! Sell eBooks, software or other digital products 24 hours a day and deliver digital products instantly after purchase automatically, just like the pros!

CF Purchase Pickup is designed for anyone who sells intangible goods online using PayPal with your existing shopping cart. This includes downloadable items such as: software, eBooks, music, movies, digital art, manuals, articles, certificates, forms, files, and anything else that can be downloaded.

If you sell intangible goods online and you're looking for a way to automatically deliver digital products, then CFPurchase Pickup with its automatic payment processing and auto delivery is for you!

You do not need to have any programming experience!. If you have any problems setting up CFPurchase Pickup, our technicians will help you install it for free. CFPurchase Pickup uses the latest ColdFusion technology and will run on ColdFusion 5+.
If you do not have a web hosting company that supports ColdFusion, that’s not a problem!

We have partnered with to provide you the best hosting experience possible. has many hosting plans to best suit your needs and fully supports ColdFusion and CFPurchase Pickup.

Why pay someone else to deliver digital products when you can do it yourself automatically!

CFPurchase Pickup Digital Goods Delivery Features:

  • Files are secured against leeching and excessive downloading
  • Automated delivery of your digital goods instantly after payment as an email attached OR as a download from the pickup depot OR Both (you choose)
  • Uses PayPal, the most popular online payment systems with over 65 million users
  • The ability to attach your product to emails
  • Auction Support for eBay and other Auctions New
  • Supports custom scripts for each type and status of purchase
  • Switch from Test Mode to Live Mode (or back) with a click of a button
  • PayPal Buy Now Button Support
  • PayPal Shopping Cart support
  • PayPal Send Money Support
  • PayPal Auction Support
  • PayPal Button Maker included New Feature
  • eCheck protection Aware
  • Support for all PayPal Subscription types and fires off custom script files based on subscription status New
  • Delayed product delivery for “Pending�� status payments.
  • Automatic password generation
  • New Login System will lockout intruders after 3 failed attempts New
  • Uses relative file path to your file. This allows you to put your file anywhere on the server and protect them from pirates.
  • Supports 6 currencies (USD, AUD, CAD,GRP, EUR,JPY)
  • Support to add additional products for download (other than what was purchased)
  • Ability to limit the amount of downloads per product (helps stop piracy)
  • Ability to replenish the amount of downloads per customer
  • Enables you to track all your PayPal transactions
  • Upgrade technology! When you get updates or new versions, after you copy any new files, CFPurchase Pickup will automatically prompt you to do the upgrade and after confirmation, CFPP will upgrade the database and files itself. No programming experience required!
  • Full Error logging for easy troubleshooting and fixes

Collect payments and deliver ebooks automatically View the current revisions

No Programming experience required!
If you're not sure about installing CFPurchase Pickup, we will help you install it for free!

Demo the end user experience of CFPurchase Pickup by purchasing our User Manual to the right or you can demo the full product with our online demos below.

Automate your digital product delivery process Customer Demo (login info is on the login page)

Sell ebooks automatically Administration Demo (login info is on the login page)

Need a custom version of CFPurchase Pickup? Email Us for a free quote!

Deliver ebook purchases automatically
Sell eBooks and deliver your eBooks automatically
  Administration Features
Automate product payment processing Search features by Customer, Product and Transaction
Sell eBooks Automatically or Deliver digital goods using our automated process Built in bulk emailer to email current customers
Automated customer payment processing through PayPal View and edit customer payments
Automated customer payment processing through WorldPay Activate and de-activate products on the fly
Immediate digital product delivery Resend user info for account recovery
Immediate payment processing for digital purchases View payment history by customer in detail
Automatically email purchase confirmations to customers Customer delete protection (you cannot delete a customer if a payment has been made by this customer)
Process online purchases automatically Product delete protection (you cannot delete a product if a payment has been made against it)
Change the status of online payments Ability to change the status of a payment on the fly
Customers are added to your customer database automatically Activate and deactivate customers on the fly
Purchase Pickup is easy to install and easy to use CSS Style Sheet for easy website integration
Customers can pickup their purchases without your involvement Customizable header and footer
Customize your PayPal payment processing Customizable file for each type of PayPal payment (for you to add your own custom scripts)
Email your customer automatically Built in Email editor with all HTML codes and formats!
Automated customer emails using ColdFusion ColdFusion 5 Compatibility Mode
Custom emails for each PayPal payment type Custom emails for each PayPal payment type (you can also add your own custom email scripts)
Purchase Pickup program is FireFox compatiable. Now more compatible with FireFox
Sort your products and customers Dynamic sorting by columns
Payment and Marketing Reports Reporting
Digital product sales charts Sales Charts
Digital product sales graphs Much More!

End User Features
Digital product recovery passwords End User Password recovery
Digital product purchasers can change passwords Customer can change email and password
Digital product payment history Customer can see their payment history
Customers can pick up their digital product at their leisure. Customer can visit your Pickup Depot and pickup their product at their leisure
Product logs all customer downloads Download logs for customer protection

CFPurchase Pickup
Delivery Demo

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CFPurchase Pickup 2.8

 $49.95 USD
Why Choose CFPurchase Pickup?
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